Find yourself cringing ever-so-often at music festivals last year? Here are signs that will tell you if you’re outgrowing the wonderful events.

Large crowds, sweaty millennials, chaos and, of course, live music. Despite all the wonderful things that music festivals offer, it is possible to outgrow them and come to hate the very things that drew you to them in the first place. If you find yourself growing weary of the everyday music festival experience, then you may be one of the many who have outgrown them. Take a look at these signs which will tell you whether you’re past your music festival prime.


1. When the sight of a sixteen year old at a festival makes you cringe.

When did they start letting kids in?

girls dancing

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2. When outfits like these make you cringe.

For the love of God, make it stop.

rave outfit

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3. When there is essentially a lot of cringing.

Annoyed Hermione

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4. You wonder when standing in the crowd became so antagonizing.

The crowd, the heat, the proximity, not to mention that couple who won’t stop making out two inches away from your face – it’s all too much to deal with. All you wanted to do was listen to some good live music.


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5. And you’ve had more than enough of the portaloos.

You’s nearly forgotten how much you hated the squatting maneuver you had to do whilst holding your breath against the abominable stench.

please no more sam

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6. It seems like festival camping lost its charm ages ago.

Even if one were to ignore the bugs and general discomfort, there is the relentless noise of music blaring from tents practically an inch from your own, and the sound of intoxicated festival-goers and general chaos. It’s hard to remember why this was ever a pleasant experience.


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7. You wonder when so many people started listening to this once-niche artist.

You remember a time when it was hard to find one person who was into this artist. Either the aforementioned artist has had a major breakthrough you didn’t know about, or most people around you don’t really listen to this music. (You’d bet your money on the latter.)

taylor swift jam

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8. When you almost think that listening to the same music curled up in bed would be better.

Curling up in your bed with your trusty laptop full of incredible music like a human burrito sounds quite blissful at this point.


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9. When the idea of getting intoxicated just seems like too much work.

Getting drunk and/or high does have its appeal, but the idea of a hangover is enough to keep you away from any intoxicants. Besides, getting to the point where you’d stop caring would be a rather long and arduous process.


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1o. And don’t even mention the afterparties.

You’d rather turn in early instead.

ron swanson

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11. When you start to wonder why you still try.

You tell yourself it’s because of the music, but you’re just looking for that fulfilling, fun experience you had not too long ago.


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Fret not, humble reader. you’ve outgrown the run-off-the-mill music festival, and that’s completely okay. Music festivals serve as an escape from the monotony, but frequent them too often and they tend to become a part of it. Luckily, The Sherp has knowledge of plenty eclectic festivals that diverge from the average festival experience. Just take a look at any one of our lists below.

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