Attending a music festival isn’t always fun. Here are twelve reasons why sitting at home and watching the live feed may be a better option for you


1. Dealing with line-up clashes…

….is absolutely maddening. When you discover the festival you’ve been waiting for all year has all the new artistes you’re dying to catch live, you’re ecstatic. As the date of the festival draws closer, your excitement knows no bounds. You’re scraping up all your extra cash together, planning a road trip and memorising the words to all your favourite jams. Until, set timings are dropped and you realise, two of your favourite acts are playing on the same day, same time at two different stages. Now you’re faced with a dilemma, which would you pick?


2. Getting there is just…taxing

It just so happens that the only music festival you’re psyched about is taking place on the other side of the world/continent/country. Even months of planning your road trip will not prepare you for the excruciating journey you will have to endure.

3. Losing your friends and then trying to find them

Let’s face it. We all have that friend who always manages to lose himself/herself in a crowd. One minute two of you are watching Imagine Dragons deliver their best performance yet, the next thing you know, the idiot has vanished. Sigh.


4. Annoying drunks

You’re no poster child for sobriety but at least you can handle your drink without being an absolute pain in the ass. Your friend, however, is another story.


5. That moment when everyone whips our their camera phones

….effectively blocking your view. I came here to actually WATCH this band play, people!

camera phone

6. The price you’re forced to pay for a bottle of water makes you feel like you’re being extorted

In the USA, a bottle of water at any music festival costs upto $45. In India, you have to shell out around 200 bucks for a bottle that would otherwise cost Rs 20.

7. And of course, your phone decides to die the minute you lose your friends


8. What you actually look like VS what you think you look like



9. Why do people bring their kids?

Surely finding baby-sitters can’t be that difficult.

girls for eblast

10. Body odour will be the highlight of your experience


Everyone smells

11.  Apparently taking a selfie is more important than the music

This is beyond annoying.

12. You’ll either die of the heat or get soaked in the rain

The weather at these things is always unpredictable. If you’re heading to a Coachella, be prepared to have a few sunstrokes. If you choose to head to Glastonbury, be prepared to swim in the mud.



P.S. – But do any of these reasons actually stop us from attending music festivals?