In a band? Play in a box!

In an effort to bring to promote their new ‘Box Concerts’ concept, 100 pipers have asked bands to play their best numbers in front of a live audience and (get this) – in an actual box. Like this :

These ‘boxes’ were put up at various lounges and clubs and the gigs were then recorded and put up here

This is just the introduction series to the Box concerts concept.

“Box Concerts’ is a multi-city tour which will begin shortly. Boxes will be placed at clubs and lounges in select cities across the country. 20 best bands will be shortlisted in each city for a live performance in a box. The country votes for their favourite performances.”

Also to make things more interesting and evidently much more fun, each band will be posed with a challenge:  How best can you innovate in a box?

Sound like something you’d be interested in?

Register here, if you want to be a part of 100 Pipers Box Concerts.

Also, let The Sherp know what you think of this concept in the comment section below!