When you talk about breakthrough artists, the first name that pops up in your head is Martin Garrix. The superstar of electronic dance music today has been through a journey of a lifetime in the past two years, and the Sherp helps you dive deeper into the world of the phenomenon that is Martin Garrix

Handling success at such a young age can be a tricky predicament. This stage of life is one of the hardest to ride through but a certain 18 year old from Holland is doing it right. Martijn Garritsen was a relatively unknown figure if you wind back the clocks a couple of years. Fast forward to 2014, this name has become a primary figure in the electronic dance music industry.

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Adored by a global audience for his chocolate boy-ish enthusiam and verve,the geometric rise of Martin Garrix is a story that needs to be told. Apart from making some of the most infectious tunes that have rattled the industry over the recent past, The Sherp sheds light on 10 things you didn’t know about this little Dutch genius:

1. He Recently Passed Out Of School 

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Between all of his massive gigs all over the world, Martin attended school regularly at The Herman Brood Academy in The Netherlands, until last year. The school specialises in music production and Julian Jordan was one of his classmates at the academy.  


2. His First Gig 

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Martin Garrix’ first headline performance was at the age of 10 at his parents’ friends’ wedding followed by a number of small parties. Music was a big part of his domestic environment as his father played the guitar and his mother was an expert classical pianist.


3. His First Remix

His first high-profile work of art was his remix of ‘Your Body’ by pop star Christina Aguilera. Christina liked Martin’s remix so much she decided to put it on the deluxe edition of her album ‘Lotus’ 


4. The Tiesto Moment  

Martin’s inspiration to DJing spawned from seeing Tiesto playing The Athens Olympics. The soundtrack to the event was also on Martin’s 1st CD.


5. Behind The Scenes

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Martin Garrix is managed by Scooter Braun Projects, the powerhouse stable that manages global stars such as Justin Bieber, PSY, and Ariana Grande.  


6. Breaking Records For Fun  

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His breakthrough number ‘Animals’ dominated dance music charts all across the globe and made the Dutchman the youngest ever entry into the elite Beatport top 100 list. The single had solidified him as a bona fide record-breaking phenomenon. This record stands unopposed till date. Oh, and he’s also the youngest ever DJ to perform at the largest night club in the world – Privilege, Ibiza.


7. The ‘Animals’ Inspiration

Fusing a tribal bounce to a seductively dark refrain, Martin Garrix’ ‘Animals’ charges ahead like a dance floor stampede. But very few are aware that the primary drop from the track was inspired from a popular Busta Rhymes track called ‘What It Is’.


8. He’s a Self-Confessed Computer Nerd

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Perhaps too young to indulge in the hedonistic lifestyle of his fellow EDM DJs, Garrix has admitted that he’s a computer nerd and that when not at school, he spends most of his spare timed holed up in his bedroom studio.


9. Billboard Recognition 

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Martin Garrix has made it into Billboard‘s elite ’21 under 21’ list this year alongside the likes of Lorde, Justin Beiber, Bobby Shmurda and Madeon. The list assembles 21 of music’s post powerful minors.


10. The Documentary Is On It’s Way

The Dutch wonderkid has his own documentary series which is set to be released in parts. Check out the first episode.


Martin Garrix will be touring India this November. You can buy your tickets HERE.

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