There’s a lot to be said about Electric Forest, the young festival held each year in the woods of Rothbury, Michigan. Approaching its 5th year, EForest continues to redefine the festival experience one year at a time; featuring musicians from all sides of the spectrum and some of the most talented, yet unknown artists in America.

eforest inside

In the midst of all the crazy activities held at the festivals, it’s hard to decide where to begin, so here’s our list of 10 things to keep an eye out for at the Electric Forest:


1. 3 sets of String Cheese Incident 

string cheese dylan langille(Image Courtesy: Dylan Langille)

Not only does String Cheese Incident bring us the Forest year after year, but they also deliver some of the most innovative sets of the week end. One of those sets being their infamous Saturday Interactive set, where they try to engage the crowd and transform it into an all round experience for artists and fans alike.


2. Psychedelic Friendship Bingo

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Psychedelic Friendship Bingo is an interactive, improvisational game show hosted at the Observatory stage, every night of the festival. This game is similar to real bingo in the sense that they read off numbers in an attempt to mark off 5 numbers in a row. However they do this while involving the participants in a series of fun and comical events. The winner is given a handful of prizes to lug back to their tent.   


3. The art installations 

One of the features that sets Electric Forest apart from so many other festivals, are all the art installations that are scattered throughout the venue area. Although, most festivals claim to be music and art festivals, they weigh more on the music side than they do the art side. This is not the case for this festival as they feature art from some of the most talented, upcoming artists in the scene.   


4. The workshops 

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Besides all of the musical acts going on throughout the week end, Electric Forest also offers numerous fun workshops to participate in.  For example: Flow Arts & Freewriting for healing is one of the many workshops offered this year! These workshops are a good way to relax and ease the mind during a hectic week end, and to learn a thing or two in the process.


5. The world’s biggest group hug 

hug(Image Courtesy: BL Visuals/ Eforest Facebook)

This year the forest will be attempting to break the record for the world’s largest group hug. At Friday from 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM everybody will be joining together at the Sherwood Court to hug it out in an attempt to break the world record. Read more about it HERE.


6. The incredibly laidback warmth of the festival 

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One of the best parts of Electric Forest is the ability to kick back and relax in a hammock, while staring up at the trees and listening to some groovy jams. Although this year they decided to implement hammock-only areas, the joy of napping in a hammock is still very much there. You may just get a better nights rest there, then you would in your own tent!


7. The Silent Disco 

silent disco

The Silent Disco is one of the many cool stages at this wondrous event. At first glance,  it looks like a group of crazy people dancing to nothing, but once you put on the headphones they supply you, you’re introduced to a world of brain-pulsing tunes that only you, and the people around you get to experience. You may not even be hearing the same music that the person next to you is hearing as they offer you two different channels to listen to at all times. This stage features some of the artists selected for the Discovery Program, and other rising musicians.


8. Smashing new stages: The Jubilee & The Hangar 

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The Jubilee and The Hangar are two new stages that are going to be introduced this year at the Forest. The festival is reopening a part of the Sherwood Forest that has been closed off since the Rothbury Festival, the festival that took place in those woods before the existence of the Forest.     


9. Yoga in the AM 

After a long weekend of dancing, its expected that you’re going to have a few sore bones. What better way to relax your body and wake yourself up in the morning by participating in some Yoga. Professional yoga instructor, Hannah Muse, will be hosting Yoga sessions every morning at 10 AM at the Tripolee stage.


10. The Great American Talent Show 


The Great American Talent Show is, obviously, a talent show held on every night of the festival at the Grand Artique. Come and watch as fellow ‘Foresters’ display talents of all kinds at this fun and exciting event, or compete in the talent show for the title of “Most Talented in the Forest”!