While being single at a music festival has the potential to be a lot of fun, there are several experiences that only single people go through!

For starters, let this be known that we totally recommend people to fly solo at a music festival. Because that proves an immersive experience like no other. But, let’s be honest. Being with someone during a festival does not only guarantee a musically rich getaway, but also gives you the luxury of a shared memory. But if you’re a single man in a cesspool of couples, music festivals can get awfully weird.

The Sherp looks at all the festival experiences that happen, exclusively, to single people at a festival.

Lone Travels

Unless you’re blessed with a group of friends who dig the same kind of music you do, being single around a festival means being alone for almost every stage that precedes the actual festival, like budgetary planning and travelling. You may want to have the best road trip of your life, but, instead, you’re stuck having to listen to music all alone in your headphones, while on public transport.

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Finding Carpoolers

This just may be the biggest problem being single (and friendless) at a festival. You may want to hitchhike with someone to save costs, since you don’t have a significant other you wouldn’t mind indulging with. And when has it been easy finding nice, hep, non-creepy carpool mates? Almost close to never.

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No co-bunkers

Yes, you don’t have a person to bunk with. Sure, if you have a group of friends, you technically bunk with them, but no one to actually share the room, in all its sub-service. It’s horrible, and we genuinely sympathise. Finding co-bunkers is the top priority for any single festival-head!

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Looking for people to make plans with

Being in a relationship is akin to being in the same team. You compromise to fit each other’s plans with your own. If, with a group, or single, you’re constantly left to fend for yourself. Want to check out the visiting metal band, and are the only metalhead in the group? Then you’re pretty much on your own, left to headbang!


Hail PDA! 

It isn’t so bad as being single at a music festival, as it is being single and being friends only with couples. They’re all a unit, and you’re that one person, cutting the lone figure in all their twosome shenanigans, while they indulge in all, only public displays of affection. Your singlehood may not have been as apparent until very then.

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No split drinks or food

Food and drinks at a music festival can be incredibly expensive, not to mention loaded. It’s always nice to have someone to split them with, logically and monetarily. Someone who wouldn’t mind paying half for the food time that you want. Except, if in a group, you’re meant to buy and eat it all by yourself.

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No shoulder to sit on

Pop culture may have dissed couples, who leave no opportunity to climb onto each other’s shoulders, we do appreciate the advantages of it. Someone willing to literally shoulder your weight just so you can have a better look of your favourite musician? Who wouldn’t want that? You, on the other hand, will be left trying to reach the highest your toes can really take. Unless, a stranger chooses to be a little too kind.

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If a crooner takes the mic

There’s nothing worse than being single at a festival when a crooner, prone to romantic bursts of music, takes the mic. Imagine having to listen to Jose Gonzalez, or perhaps, John Mayer, and watching couples swinging to the music. That can serve as a pretty big distraction.

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Plus, for introverts

There ain’t no problem being single and alone at a festival as long as you manage some good company. But if you’re an introvert, you’re in for far more lonelier times. We’d sympathise with you, except..

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You will always have music

Despite the constant loneliness, have no fear. At a music festival, despite the expensive alcohol and the expensive food, and the constant bouts of solitude, there will always be music to sail you through. Given, how your favourite artists will be performing on stage, there will be enough music to keep you occupied.

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