How far would you go to sneak contraband into a music festival?

It’s no secret that everything– from food to cigarettes to alcohol– at a music festival is exorbitantly priced. The same way, it’s no secret that multiple festival-goers try to sneak in contraband for this reason heedlessly every year. If you’re one of these people who’ve been through the tragedy of getting caught at security, take pointers from these insanely creative people on Reddit.

The Sherp’s compiled a list of hilarious stories that portray the lengths fans go to when it comes to sneaking “stuff” (we leave that open for interpretation) into music festivals.


1. These committed individuals. 

“Last year going into Hudson my friend and I (we are both girls) purchased pads, cut them open and took out most of the cotton filling on the inside, and then put our stuff in, tapped them together and put them on. Obviously not the ideal way to sneak things in but it worked and we were very nervous about security after hearing so many rumors online.”

ew reaction


2. This mad genius.

“At the last festival I went to they made us empty our pockets then patted us down and went through our bags. I put whatever it was I was bringing in in my hand, put my phone on said item, and walked through. Who would be dumb enough to walk in with the drugs literally in their hand?”

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3. This overachiever. 

“This one is only for really paranoid people (which was me at my first festival, Rothbury ’08) I pre-rolled about 20 joints and some… other goodies, vacuum sealed and duct taped them to an inside corner of my tent, which is also gray on the inside. Haha I was actually kind of pissed when security didn’t give me more than a once over before waiving me through.”



4. This professional smuggler.

“Festival allowed unsealed water bottles…so bought a pack of bottled water, drilled a small hole in the middle of the bottom of each, used small funnel to fill them up with vodka, and sealed it back using a hot glue gun. Obviously only works with clear liquors.”



5. This person who found another use for tampons.

“For gov ball this weekend I stashed my drugs in the handle of my umbrella. Also I’ve put pills in an emptied out tampon applicator and resealed the package. No one fucks with tampons.”



6. This smart cookie.

“Bringing them onto the grounds? Vacuum seal all your goodies, and get it nice and tight, tight like tiger. Get a “birthday” cake, and cut it in half. Store the goods inside, and place the cake back together. It’s for your friend’s birthday. 100% of the time, it works 100% of the time. Enjoy.”



7. This foolproof planner.

“I roll excessive amounts of joints. Then I put them in ziplock bags. Then I put it in the sides of my shoes. Done it probably 20 times. It’s fool proof.”

i got this


8. This badass teenage drug priest.

“During the 70’s I was a teenage drug priest, and made lots of money and had lots of fun at festivals/concerts by, when entering, cooperatively holding open a large brown paper bag (hands held wide in front, upper arms tight to the torso) with one of those white Wonder bread bags stuffed with 12 lids and a sandwich at either end. The brown shopping bag was also filled with apples, oranges, and whatever else was in season. While the two doormen fished through the bag or one fished the bag while the other frisked my legs, I smiled and after a moment sailed through with a pint of whiskey stashed in each underarm and a hundred or two hits of LSD (the easiest thing in the world to smuggle) stashed in a sock or shoe or secret pocket sewn into the patches on my jeans.”



9. This cool cat.

“Depends on the venue but this is the trick to get whatever the fuck you want in. Have a friend go through security clean. Go to fence where security is minimum and have them toss the bag over to you. The way Outside Lands is set us is that there are 3-4 stages, so if security does see you grab the bag just run into the crowd.

If your friend on the other side gets seen, he’s not in the venue yet so they can’t do anything to him. Run if you have to and just enter somewhere else, or throw a hoodie on so they don’t recognize you. Works every. single. time.”



10. Double-jean Jonny.

“Wear 2 pants. Put the drugs in the pockets of the pants below your normal pants. (This is why they call me double jean Johnny.)”

no hermione

(Please note: All of these stories have been curated from Reddit and the credibility of each story lies with the individual who posted them. If you have posted any of the stories above, do let us know and we will provide credit where it is due.)

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