If you’re still on the fence, allow The Sherp to give you 10 reasons why the Indian debut of Diplo’s Mad Decent Block Party is absolutely unmissable.

America’s hottest dance music property, the Mad Decent Block Party is finally on its way to India this weekend, with some of the biggest stars of the genre set to perform for a really pumped up audience. If you’re a die-hard electronic music fan, you would swear by how much of a big deal this really is, and might have booked your tickets already. In which case, this article will only reinforce your faith in what you love. But, if you’re still wondering if you really should be there, cast aside your doubts, for we at Festival Sherpa have for you 10 very legitimate reasons enough to warrant your presence.

1. It is America’s biggest Block Party’s Indian debut

Grammy Award winning producer Diplo is nothing short of an icon in the electronic music genre. A pioneer of several sub-styles, his Mad Decent record label is responsible in bringing to fore some of the most popular musicians of this generation. Its concert property, The Mad Decent Block Party can be credited with having introduced the most inventive sounds to listeners around the world, and will be making their Indian debut, in association with Sunburn and Oji, on February 19, 20 and 21 in Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore.

Speaking of the debut, Diplo said –

The Mad Decent Block party is when the whole neighborhood comes together to meet up outside and get loose. At Mad Decent we treat the whole city like one scene and we bring everyone out for music, food and just good energy all around. Being able to bring Mad Decent Block Party to India is a huge accomplishment, and all of us in Major Lazer are excited to be back in India bringing carnival to the fans.

Shane McCauley 3

2. A crazy lineup featuring a host of international and homegrown talent

Indian dance music fans, feast your eyes. For its Indian debut, the Mad Decent Block Party has in store a truly special lineup involving the biggest stars of the local and international space. Featuring Indian acts such as the Indian drum n bass star Nucleya, resident rapper Naezy with Divine, and international icons such as Major Lazer, Gorgon City, Big Gigantic and Giraffage, all in the course of one crazy evening in each of the three Indian cities of Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore, it’s quite literally a dance music fan’s wet dream.


3. Despite a star-studded lineup, it’s super affordable

You might be inclined to think that such a well-filled lineup is bound to cause a heavy dent in your pockets. But fear not. For making it truly inclusive are affordable tickets that begin at a price of INR 1725, thereby being a festival for every real electronic fan there is.

Kyle Seago(Source: Kyle Seago | Mad Decent Block Party Facebook)

4. Major Lazer’s return to India

The electronic collective that is Major Lazer, comprising of Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire has a strong affiliation with India. After a super-successful debut show back in 2014, they chose India as the backdrop to their major hit, Lean On, which proved on to be one of the most watched videos on YouTube of all time. Diplo, on his part, has reiterated his affection and love for the country, as he took his fans back to the time he visited India during the Gujarat earthquake as part of a relief programme. Their return, therefore, has been awaited with bated breadth, and you will get to see them in action at the Mad Decent Block Party this weekend. Expect their performance to be an absolute party by itself.

Shane McCauley | Mad Decent Block Party Facebook(Source: Shane McCauley | Mad Decent Block Party Facebook)

5. Ready yourself for Diplo to zorb through the crowd

As dedicated fans of Diplo will know, the maverick producer has a knack of zorbing through his audience – which means he’d fit himself inside an inflated balloon and surf through a crowd of eager fans. A feat he’s prone to repeating during his Mad Decent Block Parties. So be truly prepared to bear him when he does so, for it will be as exciting as you can imagine.

David Nguyen | Mad Decent Block PArty(Source: David Nguyen | Mad Decent Block PArty)

6. Welcome to India, Gorgon City

British electronic house and garage duo Gorgon City will be heading to India with the first ever Mad Decent Block Party and you should be visible excited. The absolutely catchy producers make for treat during life performances and will have the audience swinging in no time. And because it’s their debut performance in the country, expect a mad show!

7. Big Gigantic’s live instrumental orchestra will take you to crescendos

It’s most common to witness producer dish out the most inventive beats from behind huge consoles, armed with synths of the most veritable kind. But Big Gigantic’s livetronica, electronic music that is produced dynamically with instruments will leave you gaping in awe. With a live saxophone and percussion set up, the band will create the swankiest tunes in front of your eyes, so no one can ever say that electronic music is solely computer produced.

8. A hyper-trippy visual set up

With the Mad Decent Block Party, you’ll experience a truly one of a kind visual set-up, one accompanied by mad, trippy graphics that will heighten the live performances by a huge margin. The aural and visual journey you’ll have at the event will raise your expectations for other dance music festivals by heaps and bounds.

Kyle Seago | Mad Decent Block PArty(Source: Kyle Seago | Mad Decent Block Party Facebook)

Kyle Seago 5
(Source: Kyle Seago | Mad Decent Block Party Facebook)

9. Dance the moves you’ve never imagined

The music at Mad Decent Block Party will push you to move to sounds and rhythms that will refuse to leave your body still for a single second. The energy, vibe and the positivity will be palpable, and can only be experienced live. Many hours of non-stop dancing awaits you at the Mad Decent Block Party, to which you’ll see no end.


Iamthephoto | (Source: Iamthephoto |  Mad Decent Block Party Facebook)


10. A party like one you’ve never been to before

The Mad Decent Block Party isn’t just world-class DJs performing to an ecstatic crowd. With Pyro techniques, water guns, confetties and flags, it as interactive an experience as can be, keeping you hooked every second. And of course, the decadent selection of food and alcohol only heighten the experience to be a impenetrable high.

Shane McCauley 2(Source: Shane McCauley | Mad Decent Block Party Facebook)

Kyle Seago 2(Source: Kyle Seago | Mad Decent Block Party Facebook)

If you don’t want to be missing this experience, then make sure to grab your tickets here