We know you’ve been thinking the same.

fifa worlc cup inside

Once every 4 years, the world comes together for a gathering like never before – The FIFA World Cup. Football has a fanaticism that very few can match, and as we’ve witnessed in the past two weeks of the World Cup on our television sets – the vibe inside the stadium is tremendously similar to that of a large music festival. The Sherp has done his fair share of Globetrotting and here’s why he thinks the FIFA World Cup is pretty much the worlds largest rave festival.

1. Global Audience

Hoards of people turn up at a festival to witness their favourite artists in action much like supporters of the countries participating in the tournament. The FIFA World Cup attracts the largest viewing audience in the world, and so do festivals like Glastonbury & UMF who live stream their broadcasts to a worldwide audience.



2. Dedicated Fanatics

The FIFA World Cup is quite simply the World’s Most Popular Event and supporters flock from each and every corner of the globe to support their nations. Festival goers also travel long distances to watch their favourite artists in action.



3. Multiple stadiums = multiple stages.

The football pitch is the business end of the action. Like a main stage at any festival, the stadium surrounding the pitch is the main stage and countries spend billions of dollars to create the best and most creatively appealing stadiums. The main stage is the face of any festival. Similarly, stadiums are the face of the country hosting the World Cup.

corcovado_g_2577631b maracana stadium night


4. Shall we dance? 



5. World Cup Anthems

Much like much coveted festival anthems, every four years some of the best artists in the business come together to create some pretty bangin’ World Cup tunes. Although, let’s just forget about this year’s Pit bull JLO fiasco, please.

Remember Ricky Martin’s “The Cup of Life”  in ’98?   The song managed to top the charts in many countries around the world, setting a standard for the world cup anthems to come.

Out of which the last World Cup’s ‘Waka Waka’ was undoubtedly the best. Oh, Shakira <3


Not to mention,  Wavin’ flag by K’naan.



“Rhythm is football, beat is football, action is football and the whole world loves football.” – Bappi Da (Man)

It’s an emotional affair.

You bet it is. Like watching  Radiohead play at Coachella for the first time.




7.  So much Alcohol.

The ultimate social catalyst.



8. You’d be surprised by how many DJs look like Football players.

Steve Angello & Andrea Pirlo

Andrea Angello



Green Velvet & Mario Balotelli

Mario Velvetelli


Martin Garrix & Antoine Griezmann

Martin Griezmann


Max Cooper & Lionel Messi



Dyro & Olivier Giroud

olivier dyro


9. The fans are just as crazy.

Much like PLUR kids, football fans don’t hold back. Face paint, sick headgear & wacky costumes, you name it.


10. Waiting for the Drop (Goal)

Eventually, we’re all waiting for ‘that moment’, aren’t we?

waiting for the drop