Two’s company, Three’s a crowd, But sometimes, you just need one – yourself. The Sherp tells you why.

Planning & coordinating. We all try our best to let go of being in-charge when we’re trying to have a good time. Especially, if it means attending a festival/gig with your friends.  Coordinating one convenient time for all your friends to rendezvous and all that jazz, such a pain.

Soo, The Sherp thought about it and pulled down a list of positives you can gather from attending a music festival/gig with no company at all.

1)  Friendless and loving it : No need to worry about where your friends are. Only person you’ve got to take care of is yourself. Sigh.

looking for friends


2) It’s just you and your music : Turn off your mind. Letting go is an incredibly soothing exercise. And no, bathroom singing does not count.




3)  You can  make new friends : This is probably something everyone looks forward to

make new friends


4) Who knows, you might run into your soul mate…

European Football - UEFA Champions League - Semi-Final 2nd Leg MD12 - Chelsea FC v FC Barcelona


5)  Free stylin’ : You obviously don’t know anyone around you. Time to bust out some moves that you didn’t even know you were capable of.


6) ..And you may just start your own party, like this guy : 


7) A completely new vibe awaits you. 


8) Shazam in peace : We don’t always know names of each and every track we like. So we shazam. Which is a much easier task when your annoying best friend is nowhere within your vicinity.



9)      ..And then head straight home and queue the tracklist for download.

and then download the shazamed tracks the next day


10) Have your own moment : The best way to express all those piled up emotions inside of you. Find your true calling through the vibe you create through your connection with music.

Have your own moment

Music unites the world. It is the glue that keeps it together. The Sherp has an undying love affair with music. What about you?  

(PS : The Sherp does not support any of the hazardous dance moves displayed in this article.)