The festival is about more than just bikes.

The Riders Music Festival is making it’s debut this year on the 18th and 19th of February at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Grounds in the heart of Delhi and you bet there’s going to be a lot of bike talk going around at the venue. However, the festival will also be hosting a number of other activities while catering to the large crowd of two-wheeler lovers over the period of the festival.

Here are the things you can look forward to at the festival:

1. Bike Related Activities, Obviously

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It’s all about the bikes for most of the festival and they’re meeting their end of the deal! The festival will have, on display, some of the best customised bikes and bike installations for people to drool over. There will be a session taken with people who are passionate about riding. They will also felicitate the large-member biking groups who have remained together for their love of riding. The festival will be rewarding the best bike on show along with the best paint job on the two wheeler. You could also get your bike washed at the festival. Talk about biking passion!

2. Performances By Incredible Indian Talent


Musical talent in India is growing as we speak and so, the festival is going to host a number of performances by Indian artists like Lucky Ali, The Circus, Kutle Khan + Monophonik, Hari & Sukhmani, Voctronica, The Copycats, The Local Train and Amit Trivedi! The mix of genres is perfectly balanced when it comes to classic as well as modern sounds.

3. Some Refreshing Comic Relief


With all the intricate bike work being displayed at the festival, people need a bit of brightness to relieve themselves from the worry of choosing which customisation to ask for. Comedians Kanan Gill and Kenny Sebastian will be bringing their humour to get the crowd howling with laughter.

4. Tattoos To Brand Yourself As A Badass


Bikers are stereotyped as bulky men with loads of tattoos and we’re digging the look. You could fulfill your biker club matching tattoo dreams by getting yourself and your friends inked right at the festival! You could also get one for yourself and be branded the coolest in the group, which will lead others to follow. Sneaky but effective!

5. Paint Ball For Everyone To Enjoy!


Who doesn’t love a competitive game of paintball? The festival will have a paintball section where you can go up against another team to douse the others in a line of coloured fire, with paintballs hitting them by the second. It’s a ton of fun and a great way to get that blood pumping!

6. A Flea Market For Some Retail Therapy


Shopping solves every problem, trust us, we know. The festival will have a number of stalls and items on sale and a huge variety of options to choose from. You don’t even need to venture to another section of the venue to get your fill. Everything you’ll need will be here at these stalls.

7. Arm Wrestling Is A Necessity


The ancient way to prove your strength and show off those biceps is all that’s on one’s mind when arm wrestling. With so many attendees, you’re bound to find your perfect opponent for the game. Remember, no cheating and please don’t have sweaty hands, no one likes that.

8. Curated Zones For Maximum Fun!

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The festival will have a few special zones for people so they don’t miss out on having the time of their lives. The charging zone will allow you to keep those electronic devices of full charge so you don’t miss out on grabbing great pictures. You could take a few minutes to yourself in the relaxation zone or you could head on over to the gaming zone for some games to enjoy before leaving the festival. 

9. A Grub Arena? Yes, Please


Food is the greatest form of happiness and you can get some of the best food available from Social, Beer Cafe and Circus! Those mouth-watering dishes will make you want more, without a single emotion of guilt about eating more than your stomach can agree with. #TreatYoSelf

10. Professional Stunts To Fascinate Everyone


The festival’s big attraction will be a number of professional bikers performing a few complicated and enchanting stunts for everyone at the festival to witness. The acts will be performed under supervision and are not to be imitated but rather to admire and gasp over.

Make sure you get those passes ASAP because it’s going to be the dopest festival catered to all things good.