Check out these rad festival apps that will definitely elevate your next festival experience.

With the festival industry developing so rapidly, it’s no surprise that the world of technology is catching up to it. These mobile applications will make some tedious tasks every festival goer faces alarmingly simple. From music oriented dating apps to virtual tent finders, this is your technological pit-stop before your next festival adventure. Take a look!


1. FanMatch

This Chicago based app will allow you to meet new people based on the music festival you’re attending. Available on Android and Apple devices, users can meet people attending the same music festival. Once you feed in your data, relationship interests and the festival you’re looking to attend the app automatically connects you with a list of people that have fed in the same festival name as yours. The app works exactly like Tinder, but for music festivals. But unlike Tinder, chatting is not available free of cost. Unlimited chatting costs $3.99 for 7 days, $9.99 for 1 month, and $19.99 for 3 months.


2. Mix’d

Mix’d allows you to select your favourite artists on the app, which has a huge database thanks to using the API of Echo Nest, a “music intelligence company” that was bought by Spotify last year, and suggests users with similar music tastes. But what’ most helpful when you’re at an event such as a music festival or concert is the ‘Concert Mode’ of the app, which allows you to search for people within your close vicinity, therefore allowing you to meet people at the same event as you. The app can also be synced with your Facebook account and will suggest users who are going to the same Facebook event. These features sound pretty handy for a festival attendee. The creator of Mix’d plans to introduce the app at music festivals like EDC and TomorrowWorld soon.


3. Boutique Camping Tent Finder

Locating your tent at a camping festival, especially an enormously populated one, is like trying to find Waldo. BC Tent Finder is an app that does all the work for you. It may seem sort of out-dated looking, but that definitely doesn’t impact its functionality, which is near-flawless. All you need to do is put a marker down or take a photo, and you can find where to go. Apart from helping you locate your tent, the app also provides a concise weather report.


4. Find My Friends

One of the biggest worries of going to a festival with your friends is the fear of splitting up. This app takes care of that problem for you. Unfortunately for Android users, this amazing app is limited to Apple users. Find My Friends essentially helps you pin-point the location of your companions using information provided from TomTom. So the next time you lose your friends at a music festival, instead of spending hours stumbling around looking for them, just make use of this app and find them.


5. Festival Ready

This app is truly a firecracker. It amalgamates several features that would typically require four different apps. Incorporating many essential needs of an average festival attendee, Festival Ready includes features like live weather forecast, packing checklist, and 3D navigation to drop pins along your routes and track down any wayward friends. For safety measures, it also has a sound flare that is bound to attract attention of any individuals nearby, and an LED ticker. True to its name, this app promises to deem you festival ready.


6. Firechat

Firechat is a messaging app based on the concept of “peer-to-peer mesh networking“. It runs on smartphones and tablets like a normal chat programme, but as well as communicating with a central server to upload and download messages – as services such as WhatsApp work – it can work without any centralized control at all. Firechat listens out, on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, for other phones running the same app. With this, you’ll never lose your friends at a music festival! You can download Firechat on the iTunes store here.



7. WaterIn

This one is for the intoxicated souls out there. While you may be able to keep track of how much alcohol you consume, it’s harder to remember to keep track of hydration. This app helps you do exactly that, keeping track of your water intake. You can set the number of glasses of water to drink in a day, so it’s easy to adjust the average eight glasses a day to suit your activity-laden festival rounds. You can also set reminders to keep up with how much water you’re supposed to drink.


8. Festival Maps

Imagine  a festival app that can tell you not just where the nearest toilets are, but the ones with the shortest queue, or the exact location of your tent or your friends – even if they’re in front of the stage with tens of thousands of other people. A new real-time positioning technology – Crowd Connected – gives promoters unprecedented levels of crowd control data and enhances the festival-goers experience with invaluable social media integration. Check out their website.


9. Shazam

This is an immensely helpful app for those serendipitous moments when you discover an incredible live set at a festival, and want to find the name of a wicked song. Shazam records the song being played and matches it with the millions of songs in their database, providing you not only with the name and artist of the song, but also options to buy the track on iTunes, listen through Spotify, or watch a music video via YouTube. You can even buy concert tickets through the app.



10. Easy Battery Saver

One of the biggest pet peeves of attending a music festival is the unsustainable battery charge that you somehow have to make last throughout the day. The Easy Battery Saver is one of the most efficient battery saving apps out there, but if you want to explore more, there are plenty others. It optimizes your power usage and tells you which apps are draining the power from your phone. By detecting the amount of juice you have left and adjusting your phone’s network connectivity and screen brightness accordingly, it helps you make the most of what’s left.