ReelAbilities is a one of a kind festival with a single aim, to promote and celebrate the inclusion of our fellow differently abled humans.

Thousands of people suffering from autism, cerebral palsy, mental illness and other challenges exist right alongside us and yet they go unnoticed by the media. The ReelAbilities Film & Arts Festival has been changing that since the past three years, by showing films film celebrating the accomplishments, talents and realities of living with a disability. Over a span of 5 days (February 14-18), the festival offers free screenings of 12 films at Edwards Greenway Grand Palace Stadium 24 & RPX in Houston, USA.


“We try to balance the film selection around different experiences and different life cycles,” said Carl Josehart, chief executive officer at Memorial Hermann, one of the sponsors. “We want to focus on the totality of living with a disability.”

The ReelAbilities film festival began in 2007 and has now expanded to 15 cities where committees for each city select films to educate the public about the lives of the disabled. The films cover various mental and physical disabilities, the families that support them, and everyday interactions. Speakers from various films attend the events to talk to the public and answer questions about coping with life’s ups and downs. —–(Source : We at The Sherp applaud this initiative and hope more such festivals come up!