The festival season has never been more active, and electronic artists are running out of tracks to drop. The Sherp lists down 10 of the most overplayed and over-remixed tracks that you cannot evade at Tomorrowland over it’s two weekends. 

tomorrowland inside

The repetitive nature of electronic dance music has been a topic of much debate since it’s global rise as the most popularly absorbable genre of music.

Producers are dishing out track after track to keep up with the fierce competition, and their performances at festivals are marked by them dropping different versions of tracks we’ve already heard before – as they battle to maintain their supposed unique-ness along with holding up a ‘popular’ image in front of their listeners.


The same cannot be said for the already – established lot, the guys owning/signed on to the large record labels, as they rely on their popularity and stage presence to do all the talking. Avoiding musical variations, and the required element of surprise that a festival goer pays good money to witness – this established lot usually drop an assorted set of the most popular tracks that you’ve heard a gazillion times before. Keeping the recently concluded electronic music festivals (namely the EDCs & UMFs ) as a demographic, The Sherp lists down 10 tracks that are constantly overplayed, and you are bound to hear at the daddy of all electronic gatherings – Tomorrowland:


1. Turn Down For What – DJ Snake & Lil Jon

Encouraging you to get hammered, because that’s probably the only way you’re going to really enjoy this track – this DJ Snake production has emerged as one of the most played tracks in the electronic music festival calendar this year.

2. Under Control – Calvin Harris

The Acapella of this particular one has been doing rounds of main stages all over the globe over the past year.  Usually preceded by that ground shaking drop, Calvin Harris has played this ENTIRE track at almost all of his headline performances.


3. Animals (Botnek Remix) – Martin Garrix

There’s no escaping this one. This time, re – worked upon by fellow producer Botnek, this one has been made fun of, applauded, hated – over the entirety of last year. We think this track has had more than enough of it’s fair share of publicity. Whether on Twitter, or on an iPod. Time to move on.


4. Reload  – Tommy Trash & Sebastian Ingrosso

We all know lyrics in an electronic music track can be pretty bad, because they’re just there to break away from the 1 minute long 4×4 beat, but just ask yourself, does this make any sense to you? :

“ Take my hand and reload

This is Free love,

That’s what we are made of,

Yes we are – we are,



5. Countdown – Hardwell & MAKJ

Counting down to the drop has never been a more joyful activity since Hardwell and MAKJ came together to create this. Played before almost all kinds of drops, this one can fit anywhere. You know you’re going to be exposed to this.  


6. Eat Sleep Rave Repeat – Fatboy Slim

Quite simply laid down – this is the anthem that has turned itself into a life style mantra for EDM fanatics worldwide. Scooped off a conversation involving a drunk festival goer, these 4 words have gained virality in the dance music space like nothing before.  


7. Dare You – Hardwell feat. Matthew Koma

Beatport topper for a considerable time owing to the fact that it’s produced by the number 1 DJ on the planet – this is another track whose Acapella can fit in nicely in between  the 60 second cool – down period during a main stream set.


8. #SELFIE – The Chainsmokers

This track, conjured up by a fairly catchy name – The Chainsmokers , can be blamed for joining  the global selfie epidemic. Obviously receiving a lot of hits, it’s received it’s share of hate – none better delivered than the version Botnek composed.


9. Crackin (Martin Garrix Edit) – Bassjackers

Not so sure how Martin Garrix ‘re-worked’  this track, considering it isn’t any different from the original, but for some unknown reason – it’s played more often than the original. A great lesson on how to steal the show as you enter a club – pull up in the club and get shit crackin’.  Easy to remember, too.


10. Rambo (Hardwell Remix) – Deorro & J-Trick

A fairly new release, but going very well as far as number of plays is considered. Like honestly, who wouldn’t lose their minds after they’ve just been told to ‘ LET’S GET FUCKIN CRAZY’? It’s kinda impossible.

So there you have it, The Sherp’s list of the numbers you simply cannot escape if you’re in the crowd at the Tomorrowland main stage this year. Feel free to add/recommend more to this list of Beatport gems if you come across any.