We care for you and we have shortlisted 10 accessories that you didn’t even know you need!

So, you buy a new phone and protect the earphones like your life depends on them but they still break up with you? Your headphones and wires, mobile chargers, power banks get entangled so badly that you think rocket science is easier? Worry not! We have found things on Amazon.in that will save your life, let you hear your music with ease, store your gadgets and record songs at home, at the prices you’d kill for!

1. Audio Splitter

Credits: amazon.in

We all have those moments when we want to share audios or videos with our friends but we have to make do with a single pair of earphones. The quality of music takes a backseat, and we frequently have to ask each other if they could hear it! Or worse, it keeps falling off from your ears due to the strain. You can say goodbye to those woes with these audio splitters. Now, FIVE of your friends can listen to music from your phone without any problem in just 778 rupees! Check it out here!

Credits: snapdeal.com

Or if you just want to share music with your sweetheart, take the dual audio splitter here!

2. Earphone/Gadget Cord Organizer

Credits: amazon.in

By Chronex, these cord winders will make your life hassle free! The lightweight cable organizer can handle 5 feet long earphones with mic/volume rockers of dimensions 10mm in girth and 30mm in length! Save your money and earphones, guys! Buy them here for just Rs.229, here!

3. Orange Fish Earphone Holder

Credits: amazon.in

This fish shaped smart holder is so cleverly made that it is the best way to keep hold your cord! All the best brands will also recommend this method. If you buy it here, you get a good quality micro fibre cleaning cloth! Fit your earphones perfectly in your pockets without damaging them. Plus, it’s really cool.

4. Spiral Cord Protector

Credits: amazon.in

Get these protective cable winders here at a price under 300 bucks, y’all! This winder prevents pulling and breaking of the cord with its silicone and external hard plastic. Use it on your earphones, chargers, USBs, and put an end to your worries!

5. Cute Accessories’ Mini Bags/Kits

Credits: amazon.in

These pouches can carry coins, cords, jewellery and what not! You can specifically use them for your earphones, and memory cards, pendrives, chargers and you will never lose them. What’s more is you will not lose these electronic wires to water as they are waterproof! Put all the tiny items here and forget all problems as it also includes a soft cloth. Buy it here.

6. Cord Life Extender

Credits: amazon.in

Buy this life extender for your chargers and USBs as they tend to break at the sides and get damaged internally. The inner rubber provides the flexible immediate protection to the cord and the outer plastic shell enhances the structure. It’ll just cost you 200 bucks, that’s it!

7. GoFree Digital Accessories’ Organizer

Credits: amazon.in

Digital Accessories’ Organizer can efficiently store multiple USB cables, chargers, power banks, SD Cards, pen drives, batteries, stationary, and more. The most versatile organization system will help you in your travels, and even at your home to securely store and carry your multiple digital and non-digital accessories preferred to the one bag you carry everywhere. Buy it here at just Rs. 550!

8. Cute Safe Cables

Credits: amazon.in

Wrap your cables instantly with cute cartoons holding onto the wires. Buy these cute solutions to tangling cords here at Rs.250. We are not kidding!

9. Re-Usable Twist Lock Ties

Credits: amazon.in

Easy cable ties for bundling and tidying cables, these lock ties are reusable and of minimal cost! For less than Rs.200, you get more than 20 ties which lock and open easily and make your life worth living! Get them here!

10. Adjustable Cable Velcro Sleeves

Credits: amazon.in

Neoprene cable organizer and sleeves for TV and computer cable management for work, home and everywhere! Just neat and tidy, no more cable mess at all! Buy this here!