If music is your religion, then in the holy book of music festivals, these are 10 tenets that must never be breached


1. Thou shall never ask someone this question during the headlining act: “Dude, which band is playing?”


2. Thou shall never pee in public at a festival, no matter how badly you need to take a leak, or how far the loos are


3. Thou shall never call a fellow festival-goer ‘bhaiyya’ or ‘aunty-jee’


4. Thou shall not keep bumming smokes from strangers

5. Thou shall not litter



6. Thou shall not engage in druken fights…

…with people or erm… poles


7. Thou shall not wear hideous floral headbands


8. Thou shall not click poseur selfies


9. Thou shall not make out like idiots in public


10. Thou shall not attempt shoulder-surfing just because all the others are doing it



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