Zapdos is one of the three legendary birds from the first generation of Pokemon games. Zapdos being a part of the original legendary trio that has Articuno and Moltres, is a highly coveted Pokemon regardless of which game it is in. The design Zapdos has is one of the best in the first generation of Pokemon.

Zapdos is an electric/flying type Pokemon and is very powerful in battles. So when it was added to Pokemon GO, it came as no surprise that fans were obsessed with it. But the only way to get a Zapdos is by going to raid battle and defeating it. In the next part, we’ll explain the best strategy for capturing Zapdos in this Zapdos Pokemon GO Guide

zapdos raid guide

Raid Guide and Counters

Zapdos is an electric/flying type. which means it will be inherently weak to rock and ice type moves. So if you manage to hit it with a strong rock-type move, you’ll have a great chance at capturing the bird. As this is a raid battle, you’ll have to be careful and get at least 3-4 players with you to defeat it.

Super effective counters for battling Zapdos are as follows – Darmantian (Galarian Standard), Rampardos, Darmantian (Galarian Zen), Rhyperior, Kyurem Black, Terrakion, Mamoswime, Weavile, or any other Pokemon that has access to strong rock or ice type moves.

Best moveset

Zapdos due to its dual typing has access to a lot of strong electric and flying type moves. But if you have gone through so much trouble to capture this electric bird, you should use it effectively by having a moveset that has the highest DPS.

The best moveset for Zapdos is –

OFFENSE – Thunder Shock, Drill peck

Defense – Charge beam, Zap cannon

We hope this Zapdos Pokemon GO Guide was helpful!

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