Not even international petitions can stop the barbaric practice.

Just when we thought there was a glimmer of hope for people who were strongly opposing the festival when 200 dogs and cats were rescued by activists in Beijing, we receive news that despite growing protests, the dog meat festival will definitely go on.



The festival has received severe criticisms globally. An international petition urging the Chinese government to put an end to it has been signed by millions from UK, United States, Canada, etc. Even Chinese locals have been vocal about their wishes to end the festival as most of the dogs slaughtered are pets who have been kidnapped for this purpose proven by the fact that China has no real dog breeding facilities.

Activists have been concerned with ending the dog meat trade in China since years and the reasons are about much more than just animal cruelty. Studies have linked incidences of rabies in Asia to the trade and consumption of dog meat. People butchering and handling dogs are at risk of being infected.

But despite such strong disapproval, Chinese government does not seem to be in a mood to listen. The festival will be held from June 21.