The rapper’s mother forced him to say sorry to the women after he verbally abused them.

Young Thug recently came into the spotlight, not because of a new single, but because he verbally attacked two employees of Alaskan Airline after he missed his check-in line for the flight he was supposed to be on. And guess what! He arrived 45 minutes after the cut-off period!

He called the two women “ants”, “nappy-headed peasants” and “bums” who “looked African.” To make matters even worse, he offered the women $ 15,000 to quit their jobs and recorded a video which was posted online and invited tons of backlash.

Thug’s fans, along with other people who saw the video, were calling out on his rant and criticised him for the “internalised oppressive” attitude he pulled on the women along with the racist slurs. He later posted a video on his official Instagram page saying “Everybody get mad and say shit… I love the skin I’m in, and I love MY people… the ladies behind the counter was disrespectful too… two sides to every story.” But that video has been deleted.

The only person who did not tolerate this bull was his mother, who clearly was surprised to see the way her son treated the women and forced the rapper to apologise. He later posted this image stating that his mother made him go to the airport.

We have to give props to his mother for giving him a reality check for the situation. We need more moms like this!