In the race for the best experimental ambient music album this year, we have been bowled over by this.

This year, we heard Brian Eno’s new record and we thought that was it! We were wrong. The competition for 2017’s best ambient album just got unusually tougher.

Uploaded to the YouTube channel Relax Sleep ASMR, “White Noise Sounds of Frozen Arctic Ocean with Polar Icebreaker Idling – Creating Delta Waves” is the title and accurate description of what the video is about. This is a 10-hour recording of howling wind, incessant ship’s engine’s noise and snow. It was designed for, “Relaxation, meditation, study and sleep,” as the description says.

One of the most fascinating modern technological innovations is the icebreaking ship. These naval vessels are called icebreakers and they have specially designed hulls for arctic exploration. We are ecstatic to add these to our music-making instruments.

It is very soothing and definitely gives competition to any other ambient music album to be released this year.