Australia has taken a step in the right direction when it comes regulating drugs at music festivals.

After a spate of drug-related deaths in recent times, the senate has been pushed to introduce pill testing and reduce the use of sniffer dogs at music festivals.

Who are the wonderful people responsible for this feat?

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The Greens – a political party that looks into ecological sustainability, grassroots democracy, social justice and non-violence.

“Six people in Australia die each day due to overdose,” said Greens Leader Richard Di Natale in a media release, “It’s devastating for families, it’s entirely preventable, and our country’s politicians need to find the courage to do what they can to prevent further harm. Needle and syringe programs, supervised injecting rooms, pill testing — these are all evidence-based harm reduction measures that the government should resource.”

Considering International Overdose Awareness Day was just around the corner, calling for a reform like this is just what music festivals need.

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The motion urges for the implementation of a range of harm reduction measures, including increased access to needle and syringe programs and an expansion of medically supervised injecting rooms, in an effort to combat drug-related deaths.