WiFi, air conditioning and a warm bed for festival punters!

How many times have you wished that you could go lay down on a comfortable bed after an exhausting day  at a music festival?  Instead you had your damp and dirty tent to go back to. How many times have you wished you could rent out a nice hotel room, maybe use a bit of WiFi and a get a good night’s sleep?

Mihovil Grguric is here to put an end to all your festival accommodation woes. The brain behind Nearby, the world’s first mobile hostel, is the guardian angel we have all been waiting for. The idea of Nearby is to create a safe and sustainable hostel environment that adapts to any environment around it. Forget expensive hotel rooms and sleepless nights in your hot tents, Nearby is going to make our festival experience a whole lot better.


The hostel settings come equipped in a shipping container, containing all the necessities. This includes 27 comfortable beds, TV screens, food, drinks, 2 bathrooms. The beds fold back into couches, in case you’re going to be needing more space. Everything is fold-able and aimed to be as multi-purpose as possible. Also, its smartphone app lets you find your way back to it always, while also working as a key. One less thing you gotta worry about losing!

Nearby aims to provide you with comfortable living conditions irrespective of whether you are raving away in a dense forest or a sun kissed desert.

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