The organizers of the legendary gathering are plotting a massive 50th anniversary celebration of the festival.

The original abode of live music & the mother of all concerts – The Woodstock Festival Of Arts & Music will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 5 years time, i.e 2019, & festival promoter – Michael Lang – is planning to organize another installment to commemorate the occasion.


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The first edition of the iconic festival was held back in 1969 at the Bethel Woods Grounds in New York – which also happened to host this year’s Mysteryland 2014. Woodstock goes down in global music folklore as the definitive point when the music brought together counterculture generation in all it’s glory. With over 400,000 young attendees rocking out to 32 incredible acts in it’s 1969 edition – this gathering has it’s deserved place in history as one of the most iconic events to ever occur. With legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Santana & Ravi Shankar – this truly marked the beginning of the global music culture.

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Lang was a co-creator of the original Woodstock Music & Arts Festival in 1969 and also promoted its two official “sequels” in 1994 and 1999. He previously proved unsuccessful in his efforts to stage a 40th anniversary edition of the festival at Brooklyn’s Prospect Park in 2009.

Replicating the Woodstock Magic of 1969 will be an uphill task, with the rise of electronic music taking center stage. But The Sherp hopes Lang and his team of promoters can recreate something special to mark it’s 50th anniversary. Stay tuned to The Sherp for more.

(Source : Rolling Stone)