Calling all EDM lovers. Here’s your chance to fulfill your dreams of being a music producer. Oh and wait till you hear who the instructor is!

Think you got what it takes to be a music producer? Love EDM? Curious about what brings all those beats together? Look no further. From making melodies to mixing sounds, get ready for a masterclass like no other. Hosted by none other than acclaimed Canadian DJ Deadmau5 himself aka Joel Thomas Zimmerman; this class gives you all the knowledge you need to go from being an aspiring DJ to a professional producer.

Focusing on what it takes to be a true EDM producer, Deadmau5 aims to go in depth, showing young artists dynamic ways to create and mix sounds. After all, adding in a base tremor to a single note doesn’t exactly make you a producer now, does it?

If you thought you need to break the bank on music equipment, think again! As part of the masterclass, Deadmau5 aims to help aspiring DJs perfect their production skills with a minimum use of equipment rather than spending lavishly on expensive gear. After all, it’s not about what you have but what you do with it, right?

If you’re as excited as we are, log onto right away. You can even purchase the classes individually online at 90$ each on What are you waiting for? Register NOW!