It’s a Hansel and Gretel-styled house (minus the witch of course!)

Everyone has fantasised about an edible structure that they could eat whenever they please and the brilliant people behind Wonderfruit Festival have granted us that wish!

The Thailand festival is building a stage with production designers PO-D Architects and Thor. Kaichon that can go back to being a clean food source! ‘The Farm Stage with TAT’ will be built with bamboo and edible rice. Yes, you read that right, edible rice.


The grain is a strong presence in Asian culture and diet and the architects have found a way to extend the grain’s life cycle for the structure. Rice grain bundles will be decked on the 120 feet tall stage. Nearly 7 acres of rice was harvested for the stage setup for the 1,800 panels it required! Pete Phornprapha, the festival’s co-founder stated, “It’s probably the world’s most sustainable stage.” 

The festival has been an eco-conscious one since it’s inception and it’s great to see that they’re making sure they commit to the promise with amazing results. No other festival has ever done anything remotely like this before and it’s a great way to built bridges between the festival and the culture of Thailand.


Is it weird that we’re curious to actually eat the rice?