What’s the worst thing your neighbour has done?

39-year-old Plymouth, England, resident, Natasha King, has been banned from playing loud music for three years and handed a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO). Her neighbours decided to take matters into their hand after listening to rap and rave music coming from her home until 5 am almost daily for 12 years.

Natasha has been banned from playing tunes at a volume that can be heard outside of her house in Crownhill. She would play music by Eminem, Stormzy, and 50 Cent, along with the occasional rave music.

Neighbour complained that the music not only kept them up all night but also their kids. One frustrated neighbour said that when they realised they were not the only ones who had suffered because of this, and many others on the street had also had enough, they decided to lodge a complaint.

However, they were unaware of the music ban, though they had noticed that the property had become quieter over the last few days.

(Source: Plymouth Herald)