The rapper’s cannabis string, Khalifa Kush, will be available across America.

Wiz Khalifa is identifiable from maybe a mile away with his interesting look and the cloud of smoke that constantly surrounds him, but the man wants to share his love for weed and after collaborating with Tryke Companies, he will franchise a cannabis strain named after him.


Khalifa Kush will be sold all across American dispensaries despite being grown in limited batches in the state of California. CEO of Tryke Companies Matthew Morgan is more than excited to have Khalifa on board thanks to his already established brand in the cannabis space. This partnership seems to be like a match made in drug heaven but people are wondering if the demand will exceed the supply. Seeing that it has an extremely high business potential, the production will have a tough time getting the product out quickly.


A test run of the strain was held by Reef dispensaries, owned by Tryke. Khalifa sent out one little tweet and the stock sold out a at all their locations in a day. But was it because of the hype or did people want to really get a hands on experience with the drug, we have no idea.

Weed connoisseurs have been raving about the strain over various websites so we’re sure people will love it. Guess we’ll have to see if it lives up to its demand.