It’s going to be the perfect conflux of queer and queer-friendly artists, so make sure you’re there!

If you’re not going to the Bacardi NH7 Weekender in Pune this weekend, this could be where you head instead. MIST, a non-profit organisation for the LGBT community in Pune, is organising this festival. The founder, Shyam has always felt that the city lacked places the community could come together and showcase talent and have some fun. The Queer & Allies Art Festival will be held on December 5 at The Real Green Cafe, Phoenix Market City.


The focus of the festival isn’t only queer art, or art in any singular form. It’s a space for people to express themselves, and the festival will have painting exhibitions, sculptures, dance performances and poetry readings. There are also going to be some interesting movies screened, and even an open mic night for music and stand-up comedy!

You can even contact festival organisers if you’d like to display or sell your artwork, or perform! If you’d like an opportunity to chill, hang out and exchange ideas with like-minded people, the Q&A Arts Festival is the place to be this weekend.