The upcoming sequel in the Grand Theft Auto series is without any doubt the most anticipated game of all time. The game is all set to break several records but is also bound to huge critical acclaim. Although Rockstar Games have continued to up their game with each of their releases; recently launched Red Dead Redemption 2 being the best in storytelling to date.

Rockstar Games have featured a number of iconic characters over the GTA franchise; yet Tommy Vercetti has been the most popular among all of the characters. The Italian gangster played a massive role in the success of GTA Vice City with his undiminished rise to the top of criminal organizations and the “cool” vibe that got him endeared to the fans.

We can see Rockstar portraying Tommy Vercetti as the primary antagonist in GTA 6; having a villain that the fans care about has been a proven success theory in the past. Our protagonist having to face the beloved Tommy in his takeover of Vice City will provide a great plot. Rockstar could also feature Tommy as a mentor to the protagonist. The main character being Tommy’s protege also sounds like another fun plot

Rockstar Games can also feature Tommy as a playable character for a few missions, this would allow the players to feel the nostalgia of playing in Vice City as Tommy Vercetti. 

Featuring Tommy Vercetti in GTA 6 will be a significant selling point with the fanbase already loving the idea of it. No official announcement about the theory is yet announced and only time will shed more light on it.