Insomniac Events may have a sea cruise experience in the making!


Ever wished you could rave in the middle of the sea? Insomniac Events might have the answer to your prayers!

CEO of Insomniac, Pasquale Rotella who very recently tied the knot with the ‘Girl Next Door’ star Holly Madison at Disneyland, might be planning a rave on a cruise ship! Mr. Rotella received a tweet back in July from a fan questioning him about the possibility of an Insomniac Cruise, to which the CEO replied ‘Working on it!’ 

Ingeniously titled ‘E.D.Sea’, an official notice of allowance was issued for it on June 4th as a “travel, excursion and cruise arrangement”. Ever since Holy Ship! was initiated, other companies have been wanting to be part of this growing concept. Coachella launched ‘S.S. Coachella’ as a music festival on the sea.

There is not much information yet about ‘E.D.Sea’ but it looks like Holy Ship! is about to face serious competition in the not-too-distant future.

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