With virtual reality gaining a lot of exposure everywhere (even Coachella is being shot in VR!), it only makes sense that it’ll find its way into music festivals. It looks like that wait is soon going to be over, thanks to the efforts of an Austin-based virtual reality team and future bass DJ/producer Grimecraft!

About the experience, Grimecraft had this to say: “Forget everything you know about live music. Now imagine a new way of creating and performing music using VR. Imagine it’s so easy that anyone, regardless of skill, can be a virtual reality artist. What if you could perform live in a virtual venue that is listening to each note you play, and reacting visually for you and the audience? What would a bass drum feel like? What would it look like? And what happens when the bass drops…”


(Courtesy: YourEDM)

Though TheWave is still at a very nascent stage, it has the potential of becoming so much more. Imagine you’re a live performer, and you can control most of the visual aspects of your audience. This is a unique take for someone who loves incorporating visuals into their live performances. It’s almost graphic porn! (Pun not intended.)

Watch live video from GRIMECRAFT on www.twitch.tv

The DJ’s controls remain the same: there are mixers and filters in front. To modify the virtual reality aspect, handheld controls from HTC’s Vibe VR controller and a helmet are used.

Forget attendees of the festival: if you’re watching a live stream, you’ll be able to watch it in VR, just as the artist intends you to watch it!

vive-e1458263996977-640x312 (1)

(Courtesy: YourEDM)

As the future catches up with exponentially increasing speed, this VR headset idea is pretty much the future of live visual experiences. No need of looking at one plain screen and watching those generic visuals again: this brings the Jumbotron to you!