In many parts of India, women are not allowed to play Holi at all. Apart from all the mistreatment and heckles that widows already receive in the country, their prohibition to celebrate the Festival Of Colours is yet another nail in the coffin.

Therefore, it’s always a good thing when we see a changing mindset towards widows in any part of the country. Via The Guardian, The Sherp brings you some photos of widows in Uttar Pradesh celebrating Holi for the first time! The happiness on their faces can be felt with these stunning photos captured by various photographers!

These pictures were taken at Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh.

1. It’s the green signal to widow empowerment!

Harish Tyagi EPA 6

(Courtesy: Harish Tyagi // EPA)

2. The typical HOLI HAI! moment, for the first time!

Harish Tyagi EPA

(Courtesy: Harish Tyagi // EPA)

3. All smiles there!

Harish Tyagi EPA 4

(Courtesy: Harish Tyagi // EPA)

4. What’s Holi without some naach-gaana?

Harish Tyagi EPA 3

(Courtesy: Harish Tyagi // EPA)

5. Snake eyes!

ZUMA Shutterstock

(Courtesy: ZUMA // Shutterstock)

6. The calm after the colour storm.

Anindito Mukherjee Reuters

(Courtesy: Anindito Mukherjee // Reuters)

Harish Tyagi EPA 5

(Courtesy: Harish Tyagi // EPA)

7. And some more to round it off!

(Left courtesy: ZUMA //Shutterstock, Right courtesy: Manish Swarup // AP)

These pictures prove that no matter what society thinks, you deserve to have your dose of fun and frolic, and nobody can stop you from doing so!