Despite its rich and intricate tone quality compared to other string instruments, violas are one of the least played instruments in the world of jazz and other non-classical compositions. If you are interested to learn the viola and already have one with you, do not be discouraged to pursue the instrument as a career or hobby for it has a lot of benefits you might not be aware of.

Unlike the violin, violas produce husky and mellow sound making it authentic and more fun to learn. Given its uniqueness in sound, this can inspire you as to why viola is a good instrument to invest your time and effort. Its mellow sound is almost similar to the sound produced by guitars and saxophones.


Viola is vital in a string quartet performance. And since only a few people know how to play viola, you’ll definitely become in demand and grow rapidly as a musician for you’ll most likely be invited to play in groups every now and then.


Aside from playing in ensembles, violists are also needed in creating soundtracks for movies. The unique sound it produces makes it in demand to music producers as it gives them the edge to evoke strong emotions toward their audience. 

That’s why you can’t limit yourself as just a violist playing in a group. You can also work with music producers, pursue a solo career and play in preferred gigs, make use of the internet to earn with this talent (i.e. YouTube, SoundCloud) or even teach violin to eager learners.

Aside from the career options laid out for you once you’ve mastered viola, the attitude or traits needed in the real world will also be developed while you’re learning this instrument. Over time, you’ll have the ability to perform under pressure as you are used to playing in front of the crowd with a composed aura, you’re also efficient to work alone or in a team, and you’re quick to adapt to changes compared to others.


It has been known for quite some time that learning a musical instrument can benefit you academically. It was even suggested to pregnant women to make it a habit to listen to music as it helps to sharpen the cognitive abilities of a baby while they’re still inside their mother’s womb.

Needless to say, learning how to produce one can improve both the reasoning and creative part of your brain. It helps you to stay rational and at the same time boost your imagination better than those who don’t have any experience in playing an instrument.


Learning an instrument serves as an experience or chapter in your life wherein you’ve gone out of your comfort zone and gained something you never thought you’d ever do. There’s nothing more fulfilling than becoming a professional violist knowing to yourself that you’ve gone through so much that most people may never know.

Ultimately, becoming a violist serves as your form of expression. If you can’t find yourself to enjoy writing, playing a sport, and whatnot, maybe it’s in learning an instrument such as viola, that you’ll feel like you’ve found something you’ll be comfortable with to express your emotions. It’s been said that playing an instrument, like walking, can help in releasing stress hormones and make you experience tranquility.

Unlike the violin, Violas produce more husky and mellow sound making it more authentic and more fun to learn.