In recent years there has been a seismic shift towards online gambling as oppose to the traditional land based casino activity. As technology and connectivity has improved new doors have been opened in relation to these things, with online slots exemplifying the new modern age that we all live in. 

Indeed, online slots at StarSlots have quickly risen to be one of the most popular ways people can gamble, vastly exceeding traditional real life casinos in popularity. There are a variety of reasons for this, from the more practical nature of online slots, to their generally more inventive themes. Read on for a summary of why people prefer online slots to casinos. 


Come on now, not everybody has time to visit the casino these days, especially if you live a bit of a distance away from your nearest one. This is one of the main reasons online slots have become so popular, because people can play on them from pretty much anywhere in the world ensuring they have an adequate Internet connection. 

 And with the mobile slots explosion this fact has only been accentuated – now you can even spin the reels whilst you’re at work! Why make the effort to go to the casino when you can do so from the comfort of your own home? 


In recent years online slots have got dramatically better when it comes to graphics, so much so that some games can rival things like Playstation or Xbox in terms of aesthetics. Compare this to the casino where things don’t tend to more forward nearly as much and there is no surprise that more people are playing online slots these days. 


Online slot developers are in the fanciful position where they can concentrate solely on creating quality games, not having to worry about actual physical machines, or indeed where they would go in a casino. This means that new titles are being churned out left right and centre, with novel themes being one of the only ways they can truly stand out from the rest. 

You know what that means don’t you? Oh yes, some of the themes these days are nothing short of ludicrous. Take The Codfather, for instance, an online slot by NetEnt concerning an aquatic mobster aptly named the Codfather. Don’t get that in a casino! 


Because more and more people are opting to spin the reels online there are also some pretty fantastic jackpots on offer, ones that can regularly dwarf those on offer in actual casinos. There is therefore no surprise that people prefer online slots to casinos, why would you not if there is a chance of making more money? 


After The Gambling Act 2005 online slot developers were obliged to disclose the RTP (Return To Player) of every slot licenced in the UK. This means that the whole industry is a whole load more transparent, something that can greatly influence whether or not you choose to play.