Are you a brand, marketer, or influencer who wants to harness the power of Instagram marketing? Well, you simply can’t just ignore reels. Instagram reels have grown like wildfire over the last two years. On top of that, they have made it easier for businesses to create more visually appealing and memorable content for their audiences.

In fact, today, there are multiple success stories of how reels have helped boost engagement, reach, and visibility of Instagram accounts in different niches. Nevertheless, reels aren’t some form of a magic wand. Creating and posting a few reels won’t automatically grow your account.

Frankly, many Instagram users have been struggling with getting views on their Instagram reels. So, if your reach is on a slippery slope, read on to identify possible reasons your Instagram reels are not getting views and easy ways to fix it.

4 Reasons Why Instagram Reels Are Not Getting Views

If you’ve looked at your Instagram insights and even after posting multiple reels, your number of views doesn’t seem to increase, there are likely some mistakes you’re making. That may include;

1) Low-Quality Reels

The quality of your reel videos predominantly affects your views and engagement. High-quality reel videos stand out better and are bound to get more views compared to sharper reels. Therefore, in this age of affordable smartphones with good cameras, there’s no excuse for low-quality content.

Often, the mistake most people make is using random video editing apps that only compromise the quality of the video. If not that, they post shaky and blurry videos filmed in poor lighting. Or they are using low-quality audio recordings that affect the clarity of their videos.

But how can you fix this? First, you must invest in a strong ring light to ensure your face and surroundings are evenly lit. Also, get better audio equipment to make your audio without background noise interference. And instead of using random editing apps, use Instagram to edit your videos.

2) Not Optimizing Reels

Creating reels is not enough; you must also optimize them to enhance your content’s accessibility and achieve high engagement. So, if you’re not getting your desired views on reels, you’re not overserving the key optimization factors.

For instance, writing compelling captions and text overlays, using relevant hashtags, and adding engaging text overlays and thumbnails. These are simple yet effective ways to increase your content’s accessibility, so don’t hesitate to add them to your content.

3) Posting at Wrong Times

Posting at Wrong Times

Sometimes if your reel views are low, it doesn’t necessarily mean your content is low quality. You are just posting it at the wrong times. That’s why you need to figure out the peak activity periods of your Instagram followers.

For instance, if you mostly have corporate clients, there’s a good chance they won’t be checking social media at the office. Therefore, you have better luck reaching your followers and getting views in the evening.

Also, check Instagram insights to get data on periods when your followers are most active on Instagram. Ultimately, try to understand your audience better and post at the right time, as it helps tailor your reels to their interests and maximize engagement.

4) Not Posting Enough Reels

Consistency is one of the best-kept secrets for getting more views on your reels on Instagram. Besides working in favor of Instagram’s algorithm, being consistent with your posting schedule keeps your audience engaged, and they know when to expect new content from you.

Without a frequent posting schedule, your followers will likely lose interest in your content. Also, posting too often may overwhelm them, and they might end up muting your posts or, worse, unfollowing them.

So, what can you do? You need to maintain a consistent posting schedule and create a content calendar. Do your homework and identify the best posting frequency based on your niche and content type. But a good place to start would be posting three to four times per week to make them watch your reels.

How to Get More Views on Instagram Reels?

Now that you know what could be affecting your reel views on Instagram, we’ll discuss how to fix the problem in this section. Here are five ways to get more views on Instagram reels.

One of the significant tricks Insta experts use to boost their visibility is using popular and trending audio tracks on their reels. To stay up-to-date with the latest trends, check the explore section on Instagram and find a couple of relevant reels based on your activity.

Find out the audio used in most of them, then check how many views the original video has. Save the audio and use it on your next reel. Remember that your video has a better chance of going viral if the original video has more than 1 million views.

2) Add Relevant Hashtags

Another way to boost your reel views is using relevant hashtags. So, before posting your reels, research popular hashtags in your niche that will get your content seen by your targeted audience. These tags will improve your content’s discoverability and help reach a wider audience.

To find trending hashtags, use Instagram’s native search feature to analyze the popularity of each hashtag. Combine both niche-specific and popular hashtags to realize their full potential. Also, steer clear of generic tags as they are too crowded and won’t deliver optimal engagement.

3) Collaborate with Other Influencers

Collaborating with other users and influencers on Instagram is one of the most powerful ways to increase the number of views on your reels. You can do that by creating content with another influencer or participating in viral challenges.

All in all, before you partner with another influencer, ensure they have an engaged audience that matches your demographic. After creating content together, don’t forget to cross-promote each other’s content on your Instagram stories to encourage your followers to check out their content.

4) Buy Instagram Reels Views

Buy Instagram Reels Views

Instagram is a social media channel that can potentially expand your business’s reach and visibility. And while Insta provides multiple tools for marketers to promote their businesses better, getting Instagram reel views can be extremely hard. 

Getting one of your to go viral can take years of work. That waiting game can be pretty tasking, making you feel like giving up altogether. So, what’s the solution? You can purchase Instagram reel views from Media Mister.

Media Mister is the safest social media services provider that sells real views from authentic and active Instagram accounts. These people interact with your reels to boost engagement and share with friends to tap into a broader audience. Also, the platform provides a secure payment channel and a money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with the results.

5) Run a Viral Giveaway

Giveaways on Instagram are an effective marketing tactic that influencers and brands use to increase their engagement and reach on the platform. With the right strategy and execution plan, giveaways could drive traffic to your profile hence boosting your reel views.

There are several nuances you need to have in mind to create a successful giveaway. That includes; making visually appealing content, creating rules for your Instagram giveaway, and promoting the giveaway.


Reels are pivotal in the growth of your Insta accounts. That’s why you need to monitor Instagram reel insights closely. If you’ve been wondering what might be causing a decline in your reels views and whether you can fix it, this article is in your best interest. We hope the tips shared above will help you get more views on reels and improve your Instagram marketing efforts.