As India slowly opens up again, people are opting for homes away from home to get a getaway with their friends and family. Here’s reasons why holiday homes are becoming more popular compared to hotel stays.

More Privacy and More Space

One of the major advantages of a holiday home when compared to a hotel room is that holiday homes always offer more space and more privacy than a hotel room. It allows families to freely move around and enjoy themselves without the discomfort of sharing the space with other guests It also allows you to cook for yourself if you feel like.


Usually holiday homes turn out to be more economical than hotels, especially when travelling in large groups. Also when in a group it is more fun to stay in a holiday home rather than staying in multiple rooms.


When it comes to amenities most of us think that luxurious properties have better equipped than holiday homes. However, along with basic amenities like TV, toiletries, linen etc holiday homes also provide additional amenities like well equipped kitchen, private pools, private garden, indoor and outdoor game which makes your holiday even more memorable.

Make your own schedule

You don’t have to plan your schedule based on restaurant and pool timings. If you feel like a swim in the pool after 10pm or you want to have your breakfast at 12pm..Go for It. The holiday home is all yours.

Fulfill your dream of living in a villa

You might not own a villa, but you can experience what it feels like owing a villa. You can book a villa with all your dream amenities and enjoy it for as many days as you like.