Come Sunday, Pryda Friends with Jeremy Olander & Fehrplay will be in the subcontinent for the Indian leg of their world tour. The two have become what you can call, ‘the faces of Pryda Friends’ especially after their phenomenal success and several releases under the label, in the past year. This is probably why Eric Prydz picked them to headline the first ever Pryda Friends World tour.

Who are Pryda Friends?
For those of you who don’t already know PRYDA FRIENDS or PRYF is an independent record label started by none other than the progressive house Swede Eric Prydz. (Remember Call on me from back in 2004?). And while Prydz ‘s long established first two labels Pryda Recording and Mouseville Records are dedicated to the production of his music, Pryda Friends is a label especially reserved to release music created by his friends (hence the fairly obvious name.)

Pryda Friends first ever release was a collaborative effort of Swedish House Mafia’s Axwell and Prydz himself, aptly titled – AxEr. After which countless singles were released by the label, featuring the likes of Felix da Housecat, Sebastien Leger, Paolo Mojo, Andre Sobota among many more.

However, it’s a well known fact that Jeremy Olander – a Swedish producer that Prydz, “picked from obscurity” was THE first artist to receive a multi release deal on the label in 2011. You could say, he was the first producer out of the countless Prydz had been in contact with that truly made an impression on him. After signing that massive deal, Olander also accompanied Prydz on his European tours in the same year.

Olander has been more than thriving under the progressive house’s king’s tutelage and even scored some exclusive support from the legendary Pete Tong  for some of his first releases on the label – ‘Fairfax’ and ‘Rypamount.’ His sound is what you’d call dark and energetic melodic house.



Then comes new-kid-on-the-label Jonas Fehr or ‘Fehrplay’ who Prydz has been promoting quite a bit. The young talent has had quite the interesting past two years, essentially putting himself on the map as a producer and DJ to check out. The 24 year old Norwegian was signed to PRYDA FRIENDS in 2012 and has since then produced some smash hits like ‘Nightride’, ‘Incognito’ and his remix of ‘Every Day’ by Eric Prydz.  Apart from being invited to play at Creamfields, SW4 and other UK festivals, he made guest mix for Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy, Episode 11.  It’s really no wonder why one of dance music’s most consistent producers picked this guy to promote.


As mentioned before, Olander and Fehrplay are headlining the Pryda Friends world tour which is no small feat and is also proof that the two are making all the right moves (and waves) all on their own terms. They’ll be here in a week (thanks to the good guys at sLick) so make sure to cancel whatever plans you have and catch them at any one of these cities :
December 8, Enchanted Valley Carnival, Amby Valley
December 13, Kitty Su, Delhi
December 14, Secret Set