Most of us have played games at online casinos, but there are a few who haven’t. Find out what casino game fits you or you should play based on the music genre you like. We have tried to match the personality of the game with the personality of the music genre and see if we were right.


Hip hop music is known for its heart-pounding beats and confident lyrics, which reveal a lot about the individuals who listen to it. These individuals are outgoing and self-assured, and care about the community.  Because you are this self assured, you would like to show off and want to show everyone else at the table that you are better than them when you have a winning hand. You are also someone who would enjoy to gamble and what game is best to play for gambling if not poker? Go hard or go home right?


Rock lovers are generally laid-back, adaptable individuals who are sensitive to emotional life situations. That is why roulette is the game for you. As much as you like the  thrill and the unknown, you are not afraid of taking a risk and follow your intuition. You are a strategist and like to come up with a strategy and usually you follow that one, for example only betting on black or red rather than a number, but you also don’t mind to spice things up and mix it once in a while as you believe that this will boost your luck.


It should come as no surprise that those who choose to listen to classical music are usually quite intelligent and. People who enjoy classical music tend to have some of the best SAT scores in the study, according to studies. That is why blackjack is your game, you are a thrill-seeker and a strategist, you truly get excited when you score a 21 and beat the dealer. You love and are able to handle the pressure you are being put on when it comes to making a quick decision when it is your turn. But there is also a chance that you just really love and understand math and you just want to show off as you are calculating everything in your head and feel good about yourself when you know for sure you will have a win.


People who frequently listen to some of the top-rated pop songs are people who want to be liked  and utilise music to manage their emotions and moods more than others. That is why bingo is the perfect game for you as you are most likely just a very nice and outgoing person who probably has an old soul. You like to place your bets on random numbers but do not mind the loss as you prefer the experience over the win. But you also do not stop at just one game because who knows the next game could be a win.


If you like jazz, you are likely to disappear into the music when you listen to it, that is why playing slots is your game as you can. You don’t notice how the time flies and could spend hours just looking at slot games. You like the fact that you don’t have to depend on more variables and just have to press ‘pull’ and try your luck. You also like the fact that you can place a very low bet compared to some other games which makes you feel less bad if you do lose. But there is a chance because you do place a very low bet each time you do not notice how much you have actually spent as you keep thinking that you have only lost a couple of cents when in reality it could be way more than you think..


Country music fans are typically patriots and hardworking people, they tend to emphasize a specific way of life. And because you are a patriot you  like to show your support for your favorite team by betting on them. You rely on your intuition and you have a lot of trust in your favorite team and are willing to place a bet. You like the thrill that you have when you are watching the game as there is more at stake than just your favorite team losing, you could also be losing the bet that you placed. You don’t mind waiting for the results as this could take a bit of time before the game is finished.

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