The Sherp helps you explore the phenomenal intersection between photography and electronic music.


Concert and rave photography doesn’t quite get the credit it deserves. The job profile might sound like a merry-picnic, but can you imagine getting out almost every night to capture the best moments and sheer craziness of clubs, concerts and raves without getting tired and satiated of it? It undeniably takes commitment and truck-loads of stamina to do what they do, and we got to appreciate them for it!

Catching the artful moments of a festival has become the prime preference. Photographers are constantly working hard so you can party harder! Their dedication, energy and amazing work ethics have earned them global recognition. From Rukes to The Cobra Snake, there are several brilliantly adept shutterbugs that capture real electric moments.

Below is a documentary called ‘No Credentials’ which perfectly illustrates the crossroad between photography and raves. It tracks the genesis of social nightlife snapshots and its evolution of photographers immersed in the current world of EDM. The film opens with the crew recreating production passes to Ultra Music Festival in Miami, which is one of the particularly harder events to get access to. Going behind the scenes to see how far they can get with their equipment, they manage to get some exclusive sneaky features of Skrillex, Boyz Noise, Steve Aoki, Alvin and more.

The documentary also features Rukes, Kirill Bichutsky (nightlife photographer from KirillWasHere), Andrew Swartz (event photographer from Rolling Stone) and Caesar Sebastian (Skrillex’s personal photographer) among others. The surprise element is the interview with Mikhail Mehra – EDM Filmmaker of Motion Eccentrica, who adds the extra oomph to the event videos with special effects.

This enthralling video left The Sherp intrigued and he couldn’t help but share it with you:

No Credentials from CRUZ + JACOB on Vimeo.