India’s most nature and music-loving New Year music festival, Chasing Storm, is back and it promises quite the punch. 

While New Year parties replete with dancing and revelry are aplenty, we’re sure many among us would take up the offer to spend the year end away from the city life, in the lap of nature, while captivated with music that helps lend a assured goodbye to the time passing. It’s the perfect kind of year-change us vagabonds love, and delivering that is the country’s most acclaimed camping festival, Storm, with a new year variant by the name of the Chasing Storm Festival.

On the 31st of December to the 1st of January this year, let your love for an idyllic getaway take you to the hills of Coorg, where in the Mercara Downs, the Chasing Storm Festival will be the perfect way to welcome 2016.

The perfect year end

There are two kinds of people during the New Year. One, who’d rather hit up a club and countdown with thousand other noisy revellers. And another, who would rather step away from it all, have a beautiful view and bring the new year with some beautiful music in the background. If you’re the latter kind, then the Chasing Storm Festival is definitely for you. The hills, the music, the camping and the bonfire would act your perfect accompaniments to bidding 2015 adieu.

Vasu Dixit Swarathama with a member of the audience IMG_3129

Stay nestled at Coorg away from the noise

The Chasing Storm Festival is being organised in the stunning Mercara Downs in the Madikeri district in Coorg. A stunning hill station, the sight is one waiting to be experienced. Given the fact that the Mercara Downs are isolated from the city space, and the venue affords the attendees solitude and tranquility that no other new year celebration in the city would be able to give you. That intimacy with nature proving a truly exclusive experience in the sea of new year noise.


Camp like a pro

It’s common knowledge that Storm Festival is one of the best camping festivals in the country, and with good reason. Their camping options coupled with Coorg’s stunning weather have found instant takers. So it’s obvious that their new year edition, the Chasing Storm Festival would get their camping option just right. This year too, attendees can avail the two-day camping option at Chasing Storm, which come with fun activities like late night community bonfires, camp jams, where you might also be able to interact with your favorite artists. What’s more? Every tent receives its very own bottle of wine from the festival making it a truly merry new year party!

The tented abode of Stormers IMG_2626


That incredible music to welcome New Year

The lineup for the two-day festival could not be more perfect, given its ability to act as the much needed company for the end of the year celebration. This year features acts like fusion rock stalwarts Indian Ocean, young vocalist of considerable pedigree Siddharth Mahadevan, Tamil folk-fusion group Anthony Daasan in Party, blues rock band The Sylvester’s Trio, along with DJ Swing who holds a Guinness Record for playing a set that was 55-hours long. What we’re trying to say is, folk enthusiasts, rock aficionados, and electronic music fans will all be equally satiated at Chasing Storm.

Indian Ocean

Eat your way into the new year

There ain’t no new year celebration without a requisite gourmet section that does just right. And for those visiting Chasing Storm, prepare yourself with options that would make a legitimate foodie tizzy. From traditional Coorg delicacies such as ‘Pandi curry and Sannas’, Coorg style chicken curry and parathas, Chilli pork, Coorg chilli pineapple salad, and the local energy drink made out of a Coorg specific fruit called ‘Storm Brew’, you are sure to find food stations that satisfy every kind of eater there is, covering the spectrum from dosas to barbecues.

It’s not just fun, and games

With music, food, scenery and camping, there is more to experience at Chasing Storm, and that involves bringing out the adrenaline junkie in you. Small scale adventure activities are scheduled to get your pulse racing in want of some vigour. From simple activities like renting a cycle to scan the stunning venue to boat rides that can be experienced by all, to kayaking for the true daring junkies, there’s an activity that everyone can take, depending on how fearless one might be. You will find these activities the best way to experience the pure air, if you ask us.

The little ones will find Chasing Storm truly memorable

Festivals often seem to shoulder an air that seems not very friendly to children. Not Chasing Storm, where the little ones in your life will have as much fun as you will. Making sure that the festival is as immersive an experience for children as it is for adults, there will be a veritable kid zone at the festival where several activities will be employed to keep them occupied through out. This includes a gigantic 2500 square feet inflatable enclosed play area that encloses diversions such as bouncies, an angry bird gaming zone, trampolines, face painting, tattoo artist, on the spot prop editing photo booth, accompanied by candy floss, pop corn and cartoon characters. Who said New Year celebrations were reserved for adults?



Truly for everyone

Chasing Storm, being one of the few organically unique festivals to function in this country, pulls in those people that rate experience higher than cliché. It’s a truly nature-loving experience that indulges the arts in all their glory, thereby infusing in children and adults, alike, enthusiasm for the crafts. Truly the most earthy way to bring in the new year, as the festival beams with optimism and spirit. Chasing Storm is your way to a happy new year!


(Source: Chasing Storm Festival)

If the idea of bringing in the New Year amidst hills, art and music appeals to you, then grab your tickets for Chasing Storm here