Bestival Toronto kicks off today, and the entire city of Toronto is buzzing with excitement. Festival Sherpa got a chance to visit the grounds one day prior, and we’re going to help you out and let you know about the various things going down today and tomorrow!


Fido #MobileMusicVideo


Ever wanted to star in a music video? Fido & Keys N Krates are now giving you the chance! Throughout the festival, attendees can snap pictures on their smartphones and upload it via instagram with the hashtag #MobileMusicVideo (and #BestivalTO) and they could have their pictures featured in Keys N Krates new music video for ‘Save Me’ featuring Katy B. This live-scrolling form of music video is a first of it’s kind and you could be a part of it!

Update: The music video is up! You can check it out by heading to on your mobile phone.


Bestival’s Infamous Inflatable Church


We’ve all heard about the Inflatable Church that makes it’s appearance every year at Bestival UK for the past 12 years. This year, Toronto will get in on the inflatable church and will allow you to get married to your friend, best friend, significant other, your dog or literally anyone you can think of. The church features a complete congregation with a celebration after you tie the knot.


Talking to Rob Da Bank, the man behind Bestival; the inflatable church tradition started when he got a call from a friend in Wales telling him he had an inflatable church. Rob saw potential in the inflatable church and ever since it has been an integral part of Bestival.


Knitting Tents & Yarn Bombing


Yeah, you read right. Bestival Toronto will feature a knitting tent, where you can do exactly what you’d imagine goes down in a knitting tent; and there will be yarn bombing, where copious amounts of yarn balls will be thrown at each other. We imagine an epic yarn battle will go down this weekend.


Day-Of-The-Dead Bar


In addition to regular bars scattered across the venue, Bestival Toronto will also feature a cocktail bar where you can avail some sweet margaritas and other featured drinks that will keep you cool and light-headed this summer weekend. Be sure to look out for the Day-of-the-dead themed bar which happens to be in a school bus!


In addition to all of the above mentioned features, Bestival has dressed up Hanlan’s Point into a beautiful space that screams of peaceful and loving ambience. And if you’re feeling a little adventurous, there is also a clothing-optional beach where you can watch the sun set.