The holiday season will begin in a few weeks, and it makes sense to start planning right now. Since the virus is still active, at-home gatherings are still the safest bet. But you need not give up on wanderlust like last year. You can plan short weekend trips with family and friends this season, provided you keep prioritizing safety. It is possible to have a good time without worrying about the new strain of the virus. Here are some safe and practical weekend travel ideas you can try this holiday season.

Pick a safe destination

Most importantly, you must pick a safe destination for your trip. Traveling near home is the best bet if you want a weekend break because it is feasible. Shortlist a few options and keep track of COVID rates there. Complete your vaccinations on time because you will surely need proof everywhere. Stay ahead of the updates and ensure that the destination is safe for a vacation. Also, check the current regulations for travelers.

Plan a road trip

Road trips to nearby places make an ideal choice for weekend getaways. Firstly, traveling in your car is far safer than flying as you need not be in contact with people. Secondly, you can plan on the fly, depending on the current scenario at your destination. Not to mention, road trips are economical, making them perfect for the post-pandemic economy. Hit the road and have a good time with your loved ones this holiday season.

Focus on wellness

This Christmas, give yourself a weekend at a wellness resort as you deserve self-care more than anything else right now. A cannabis vacation is a great option if planning a trip with your gang. You can chill and de-stress at a legal destination. Make sure you pack your stash and devices discreetly. You can explore devices on fatbuddhaglass and choose portable options that fit snugly in your bag. Follow the rules, and you can have a feel-good trip with cannabis.

Consider an outdoor adventure

Winter holidays need not be about warm beaches, fancy hotels, and exotic locations. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, a nature getaway is a great idea to try this season. Don’t worry about the weather as you can choose a resort that offers camps with the best amenities. You can even rent a recreational vehicle and enjoy the outdoors if you want to be on your own.

Book a vacation home

Booking a vacation home is another excellent idea if you have a cozy weekend getaway on top of your mind. It is a safer alternative to hotels, where crowded lobbies and common areas are a reason to worry. The good thing is that you get to cook your food in a vacation home. These accommodations end up being far more affordable than hotels and resorts. You can actually create home vibes even when you are away from home.

This year, winter holiday travel is all about staying safe, managing budgets, and having a good time. These ideas cover you on all three fronts.