The party is all set to take place this month!

Nariyal Paani had a smashing second edition in January this year with some incredible artists like Prateek Kuhad, Nicholson, Mavambo and set the perfect vibe for a chilled-out festival, unlike any other. And, to celebrate the 2017 edition that is due to go down in Alibaug on 21st and 22nd of January, they have organised the best pre-party anyone can imagine.

Mark your calendars because the 17th of December will be the day where Party In The Baug will whisk you off to the most beautiful location for any party possible, at Alibaug’s Tomoe Villa. Clearly right out of an award-winning architect’s dream house where you can chill by the pool, just 15 minutes away from the Mandwa Jetty; this is one venue that will take your breath away. Just look at it!

Credits: Nariyal Paani

Credits: Nariyal Paani

But it’s not just the location that will blow your mind. The artist line-up is even better. Zoya has been talked about for her intense harmonies and perfect folk instrumentation. With a new album on the way, this woman is one you do not want to miss out on (specially since she has curated the event.)

Raxit Tewari was the lead vocalist for Sky Rabbit but is now the face behind Your Chin, a solo project that highlights his skill of combining various sounds to form a composition we wouldn’t have even imagined, let alone come up with. This indie artist kills it with tracks like “Hawk” and “Run Along Little One”, which will be perfect for this Saturday’s vibe.

Sandunes a.k.a. Sanaya Ardeshir has been, quite literally, creating a storm this year with her set at the Boiler Room edition in Mumbai, the launch of her album “Downstream” and tours around the world that don’t seem to stop. Her peers are big fans of her work and it’s a good chance for you to get acquainted with it as well.

This party will have the perfect barbecue and Craft Beer catered by Woodside Inn with a delicious wide-spread menu exclusively for the attendees. The party will start at 1 p.m sharp, so make sure to be there on time and catch the 40-minute boat ride that is made available from Mumbai.

Book your visit along with an entry fee of Rs. 500. For more details, call +91 88795 84160. You don’t want to miss this!