Mumbai welcomes a first of its kind crowd-sourced garage sale in association with the Multiple Sclerosis Society of India.
Homegrown, White Collar Hippie and FoxyMoron in association with the Multiple Sclerosis Society of India are bringing us Bombay’s first ever ‘unapologetic crowd-sourced garage sale’, aptly named – Wearhouse Bombay.

As a social-collaboration, the main idea is to provide support to those in need, while keeping one’s shopping experience engaging and interesting.  All proceeds from the  garage sale of donated items will go to helping patients affected with  Multiple Sclerosis ( a central nervous system disorder that result in devastating disabilities in people in the prime of their lives) in  the form of  medical reimbursements, supplementary medication or free mobility aids such as walkers, wheelchairs, etc.

Rhea Bhumgara of Humara Footpath collaborating with her friend Sagar Rao for  Wearhouse Bombay which is all set to take place within the excitingly fresh yet grungy interiors of Sitara Studio and promises to be the quintessential thrift shop.

The garage sale will also feature  live music, assorted art on the walls and really interesting travel film screenings, all happening simultaneously
Here’s a breakdown of the main events happening over a span of 2 days –
– DJ performances by AlgoRhythm and Orbs & Zen
– Clothes Sales
– Workshops
– Film Screenings
– Art & Photography Exhibitions

Workshops & Screenings
Workshops  conducted by filmmakers of : Ship of Theseus , Malegaon ka Superman
Interactive sessions by the guys behind Terribly Tiny Tales
Workshop by Nat Geo travellers, out of which one of them is a big documentary film maker

Graphic Prints by :  Aparna Banerjee, Anant Ahuja, Dr. Chinmaya B. R.
Instagram Exhibition curated by Homegrown

This unique collaboration of  White Collar Hippie, FoxyMoron and Homegrown has given rise to a new and innovation meaning to ‘giving back to the society.’ Most importantly, Wearhouse Bombay promises to be a garage sale quite unlike any other.

When: 23rd-24th November, 2013

Where : Sitara Studio, Dadar West  from 11 AM – 10 PM

For further details check out Wearhouse Bombay’s Facebook or twitter