Sandunes is one of the few artists in India that have the ability to captivate an audience from anywhere – even if it’s an online live session!

Sanaya Ardeshir aka Sandunes, is a name many people following the wave of up and rising musicians in India will surely recognize. The electronica music producer is known for the abysmal depths that her music transcends into. Sandunes is not what you would call a conventional artist, as each beat, rhythm and melody leaves you wondrously surprised and wanting more! At her Live Session for Resident Advisor Sessions, Sandunes shows us why she is one of the most talented and captivating artists in India today.

Sanaya Ardeshir has been playing the piano since a really young age and her effortless talent reflects in her Live Session. Apart from performing under her Sandunes moniker, Sanaya Ardeshir plays synths for the popular group Dualist Inquiry, and has also worked with the popular Indian rock bandIndus Creed. 

Watch her complete Live Session below:

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