“Panda Bear? Coachella is no place no motherf***king Panda bear!”


Ever since the line-up dropped two days ago, there has been (as expected) lots of  positive and negative responses. And while one may agree that the Coachella line-up every year is consistent in its umm…’variety’, it does receive some serious flack for what some people call mediocre choices.

In an effort to mock the line-up, rapper  Lil Jon and Funny Or Die team up to completely obliterate the festival’s massive line-up.

While going through the list of bands and musicians,whilst sipping on green tea (go figure), Jon singles out the ones he thinks are the funniest like – “Milky chance, ain’t that the diarrhoea band?” and  “Chicano Batman, what is he saving us from?”

Watch and laugh.

Also, this. #somuchtruth

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