The Grammy-nominated singer just released a new music video and man is it hot!

The 25-year-old singer rose to fame when videos of his songs uploaded via YouTube went viral! His debut international single, “Marvin Gaye” with singer Meghan Trainor topped the charts in four countries including Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the United Kingdom! It even took the 21st spot on the US Billboard Hot 100. Since then, Puth has become a huge success in the music industry with hits like “See You Again” which he wrote, co-produced and performed with Wiz Khalifa. The song was a part of the Furious 7 soundtrack album as a special tribute to the late

Now, Puth brings us a steamy new video for his song, Attention “,  just a few days after he released the single on Friday. Puth teased his fans via Twitter, on Sunday night, leading to excitement for the video’s awaited release.

In the video, Charlie Puth does his best to avoid his ex-lover due to the turbulent nature of their relationship which becomes evident through the video. The drama of the club then moves on to a posh apartment where the blonde hottie begins to throw vases and glassware. If you thought that was it for the couple, you’re wrong! Turns out, the violence soon transforms into passionate kissing and voilà, they make up!

The heated cycle starts all over again as the two can’t help but embrace the drama. Guess some people really do love intensity!

Check out the video below: