This father-son duo have got everybody’s attention.

German Electronic music band, Kraftwerk, have been thrilling EDM music fans from as far back as the 70’s with their signature sound. But they seemed to have become quite the hit with kids in recent times. Their music has been covered by  kids on several occasions.

Just last year, students from the Lemmchen elementary school in Mainz, just half an hour away from Frankfurt, did a cover of Kraftwerk’s classic “Die Roboter”. They even put extra effort into making a really cool video combined with costumes and everything! Dressed in cardboard robot costumes, the little ones got everyone’s attention.

And now, a latest video has surfaced of a little boy and his father performing another of Kraftwerk’s hit songs. The song titled, ‘Robots’ features the father-son duo of Andrews and Hudson awesomely emulating the body language of robots in every scene as they move between locations. What’s all the more adorable is that the duo even wear matching orange shirts just like the original video itself. The ties even have a line of flickering lights throughout the video.

Who’s more adorable between the two videos? Well, we’ll just leave you to decide. However, we do think they both deserve major points for creativity and talent, don’t you think?

You can check out the duo’s video below for today’s fill of adorableness: