‘Duck Tape’ celebrates the simple brilliance of this household object.

Duct Tape has been an outright essential household tool for decades now, even so, it’s been quite humble and unsung. Amusingly enough, this town Called Avon in Ohio, celebrates the genius and utility of the duct tape like no one else.

With unique duct tape-made outfits, banners and anything else you can imagine, this festival is put together with duct tape, quite literally. Take a look at the absurdly quirky duct tape-celebrating events that take place during the festival.


The Duct Tape Parade

Nothing displays the excellence of the duct tape better than this parade. With art made out of just duct tape and numerous enthusiastic locals of this duct tape capital, this event is looked forward to by many.


Via: dailygazette.com


The Duct Tape Fashion Show

Children and adults alike, the fashion at The Duct Tape Festival was taken seriously. From vibrantly colored and surprisingly creative duct-made dresses for the fashion show, to men and boys sporting duct tape jerseys just for the spirit of the festival, there was a strangely unique duct-outfit in every corner of the festival.


The Live Musical Performances + Bobby Maverick

Apart from the sticky object that’s the highlight og this festival, a few musical acts are also seen. This year’s roster featured Ed Klaehn, Billy Morris’ Sunset Strip, Georgia and the Preachers and more you can view here.

Not just that, the festival also features a few undeniably interesting performances by magician Bobby Maverick spanned over the three days. It all takes place at Veteran’s Memorial Park, June 19 – 21. The weekend-long event is free and open to the public. Check out their website for more info.


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