In a huge win for several animal rights activists, a Spanish region recently banned a bull-spearing festival called Toro de la Vega, where men compete against each other to spear a bull to death.

Regional authorities of Castille & Lyon have refused to grant a license to the medieval town of Tordesillas for the festival to run this year. This decision has been met with opposition from some Tordesillan locals, who have vowed to carry on with the festival despite the situation.


The festival is said to have a 500-year history, and getting such a festival cancelled seems to be a huge accomplishment in itself. Via The Telegraph, the vice president of PACMA Luis Victor Moreno had this to say: “This year the difference is that the police will be there to prevent the bull being killed and not stopping the protest.”

This is indeed a sigh of relief for animal rights activists around the world, and more such festivals must be banned.